Celebrity and Alumni Encounters in the Student Section

Game days at your school are always a thrilling experience, but when a celebrity, well-known alumni, or other special guest makes an appearance on game day, it takes the excitement to a whole new level. These encounters not only boost school spirit but also create unforgettable memories for students. In this blog, we’ll share tips on how to make these events happen and make them even more exciting for students.

Getting Their Attention

For the average student, getting in touch with a celebrity or famous alumni may seem like an impossible task. However, by getting creative and using your resources, you may be able to flag them down. Here are some examples of ways to do just that:

  • Build a New Tradition
    • If you want to target a specific celebrity/alumni, create a new student section tradition that references that person. For example, if Alabama State University wanted Alumni and rapper, 2 Chainz, to make an appearance at a game, they could teach the student section to do a unified dance when a specific 2 Chainz song is played. If that new tradition is well-received, it may go viral and make its way back to the rapper himself.
  • Use your Network
    • Use the student section and school social media accounts to see if there are any people who are close to and in-contact with well-known figures. Ask around campus and consult with the university alumni office to see if they can give you any pointers as to who would be a good source of information. Research touring singers/bands and see when they’re in your city. See what movies are being filmed in the area. Direct message those celebrities from the student section social media page.
  • Build a Theme Night
    • In recent years, student sections have been getting creative with their game day themes/outfits. One theme night that is growing in popularity is “Adam Sandler Night”, where students dress in big tee shirts and basketball shorts. It’s possible that a good-humored celeb like Sandler might make an appearance if the theme night becomes an annual/expected event.

Honor the Guest of Honor

Okay, they’re coming! Now what? Below are some ideas about how to make the big event special and memorable for both the guest of honor and the student body.

  • Encourage students to wear jerseys or memorabilia representing the alumni if they were an athlete, creating a sea of support in the student section
  • In the weeks leading up to the event, tease the student body via cryptic social media posts and hint at who the guest of honor will be
  • If the guest of honor is an actor, use clips from their movies up on the jumbo screen when exciting in-game moments happen.
  • Have the guest of honor participate in or lead the tradition that references them
  • If the celebrity is a former athlete, hold a presentation of hanging their framed jersey
  • Do a celebrity look-alike cam and have the camera pan to the celebrity
  • If the guest of honor is a singer, ask them to sing the national anthem or sing at halftime

A celebrity encounter at a game can become a core memory for students. By incorporating these ideas and encouraging active participation, you can make these events not only exciting but also meaningful, fostering a sense of pride and connection within your school’s community.

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