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How Our Ranking System Works

Leaders & Structure

A well-developed leadership and organizational structure is necessary for long-term growth and success. Elite student sections are ran by student leaders who are responsible for the systems, operations and culture of the section.

Marketing & Branding

The best student sections know the importance of branding and how to market the experience effectively. Our ranking system evaluates your student section branding, social media platforms, and on-campus marketing tactics.

Game Day Experience

Student participation at athletic events is the main indicator of a successful student section. Our ranking system measures student attendance, engagement, and retention while evaluating the consistency of hype.

Our 4-Step Process

Our comprehensive ranking system is designed to produce the most accurate score for your student section. Created by student section experts, you will receive a power ranking score along with feedback to improve.

1. Fill out our ranking quiz

2. Receive your Official Power Ranking score via email

3. Get featured and show-off your ranking on social media

4. Use the feedback to improve your score

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