The Best High School Student Section Social Media Accounts

Having a solid Instagram account can make or break a student section. Learning how to leverage your social media to showcase your student section culture is a valuable lesson that will boost attendance and add to school spirit.

Wondering what makes a student section Instagram stand out? Here are some examples from the best in the country!

Southwest High School – San Antonio, TX

What makes this account great?

Account Setup: The bio perfectly represents what the account is for, as well as showcasing the culture. The ideal bio includes the student section name, logo, culture bullet points, and a slogan. The Dungeon has all of those things represented here.

Posts: The Dungeon instagram account highlights students engaged at the games. Instead of graphics that clutter up the feed, the hype and excitement of game days are captured through student section photos and videos.

Highlights: Right beneath the bio, the Dungeon has story highlights saved. This way, students can look back on the highlights of pictures and videos from previous games.


Carlsbad High School – Carlsbad, CA

What makes this account great?

Content: The Loud Crowd knows how to party, and it shows on their feed. Click through the Loud Crowd Instagram and enjoy hype videos and mind blowing photos that will leave you wondering how your student section can accomplish the same.

Highlights: The story content highlighted on the account is organized clearly by sport and provides solid recaps of each sport and season.

Number of Followers: Not only is the account itself phenomenal, they also have the following to prove it. The Loud Crowd has built up their number of followers and have an extensive reach among the student body and beyond.


El Toro High School – Lake Forest, CA

What makes this account great?

Posts: The culture of El Toro High School shines through the posts on the Bullring Instagram. Students are highlighted, the excitement at games is clear, and new students know exactly what to expect when joining the student section.

Number of Followers: The Bullring follows a lot of students from El Toro High School, and they have used that to build up the amount of followers they have.

Highlights: Rather than organizing by sport, the Bullring has organized their highlights by theme night, showing off content from each individual game.


Chaparral High School – Temecula, CA

What makes this account great?

Videos: The Puma Pit posts engaging videos that either highlight an upcoming game or show off the game day atmosphere through utilizing current TikTok trends.

Consistent Posting: In season, the Puma Pit is consistently posting content to promote games and boost their reach in the Instagram algorithm.

Account Setup: Similarly to Southwest High School, Chaparral has their student section logo as the profile picture and their culture bullet points and slogan advertised through the bio.


Newtown High School – Newtown, CT

What makes this account great?

Recap Posts: The Hawk’s Nest and its school spirit shine through their posts. After football season, the Nest made a hype recap post showcasing flicks from each game throughout the year.

Captions: The Hawk’s Nest Leaders should teach a masterclass in student section Instagram captions. Each post features the details of upcoming games while also hyping students up and bringing energy every day of the week.

Number of Followers: With a follower count of almost 1,700, almost every student at Newtown High School is kept in the loop about games through the Instagram account.

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