Fueling the Fire: The Power of Cheers and Chants in the Student Section

Game day – the day when the campus comes alive with anticipation and excitement, and the student section stands as a bastion of unbridled school spirit. In the midst of the action, cheers and chants serve as the heartbeat of this energetic crowd, igniting the passion that fuels the athletes and keeps the energy electric. In this blog, we’ll delve into the importance of cheers and chants in a college student section and how to make them effective while keeping it simple and inclusive.

The Goals of a Student Section

  • Constant Energy
    • The student section is the pulse of the stadium, and maintaining a high level of energy is crucial. Cheers and chants play a pivotal role in keeping the enthusiasm palpable from start to finish. The constant barrage of sound creates an intimidating atmosphere for opponents and a motivating one for your team.
  • 100% SAE, Every Game
    • SAE or “Standing and Engaged” should be the main goal for every student in the section, every game, without exception. When everyone is on their feet and actively participating in the cheers, it’s a game-changer. The unity and spirit become palpable.
  • Get In-sync
    • To create the most synchronous and powerful atmosphere, it’s essential for leaders, spirit programs, and students to be on the same page. Everyone should know their roles, and the cheers and chants should be coordinated seamlessly to maximize impact.

Expectations for Cheers and Chants

  • Cheer Every Possession (Basketball)
    • In basketball, where the action is constant, it’s important to keep the energy up by cheering every possession, whether on offense or defense. Don’t wait for a big play to get loud – keep the momentum going throughout the game.
  • Coordinate with Spirit Programs
    • Collaborate with the cheerleaders, dance teams, and mascots. They can help facilitate chants and add an extra layer of excitement. Working together, you can create a dynamic and synchronized game day experience.
  • Encourage Student Participation
    • As a leader or active member of the student section, it’s your duty to lead by example. Encourage those around you to participate and be enthusiastic. Your passion can be infectious, inspiring others to join in the cheers and chants. Spread out the leadership team throughout the section to spread the spirit. Use big hand gestures to indicate what cheer is happening. Project your voice up into the section so that every fan can hear.

Keep It Simple

  • Skip the Fancy Stuff
    • The beauty of cheers and chants lies in their simplicity. Complicated rhythmic cheers can be hard for everyone to follow and may lead to confusion. Stick to straightforward and easily recognizable chants that can be executed by the entire crowd.
  • Have a List of Cheers for Offense, Defense, Situational
    • To ensure everyone is on the same page, have a list of cheers for various game situations – offense, defense, and special circumstances. This makes it easy to switch between cheers seamlessly and adapt to the flow of the game.
  • Consistency > Creativity
    • While creativity has its place, consistency is often more important. A simple, well-executed cheer every possession is more effective than a creative one that’s hit-or-miss. Students should be trained to prioritize consistent participation.
  • Control the Environment, Invite Students to Join
    • Create an inviting atmosphere where students feel encouraged to join in the cheers but not pressured. Avoid aggressive or exclusionary behavior. The goal is to unite the student section, not divide it.

Cheers and chants are the lifeblood of a student section. They create an electric atmosphere, intimidate opponents, and inspire your team. To make them effective, remember to keep it simple, prioritize consistency over creativity, and coordinate with spirit programs. By engaging your crowd, you can transform the student section into an unwavering force of school spirit that lifts our teams to victory, game after game. 

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